Types with the energy of old people who use their middle fingers to point

For whatever reason, the ITC catalog is loaded with such.

Sure, Avant Garde Gothic and Benguiat's eponymous serif are quite durable. Serif Gothic is beautiful and its alternates and ligatures need to be digitized. American Typewriter straddles eras deftly. But some of their siblings are surprisingly sluggish and frumpy for the '70s.

Take ITC Garamond, the quintessential "old people who use their middle fingers to point" type family:



(Not the whole family, but perhaps the Condensed Book and its Italic counterpart best demonstrate what I'm talking about)

I was going to list Avant Garde's slab-serif variation, Lubalin Graph, but it's definitely not nearly as sluggish as ITC Garamond:



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