Hot Young "Matlock" Officially a Go at The WB; CBS Studios Pilot Picked Up for 13-Episode Order

You can take the WB out of the CW, but you can't take the CBS out of the WB. The Warner Bros.-owned network has officially handed a series order to its hot young Matlock pilot. The reimagining of the 1986-95 Andy Griffith starrer hails from CBS Studios, the successor to original series producer Viacom.

In the role originated by Griffith is Ionathan Napers, who plays the grandson of the original Ben Matlock. Young and good-looking as WB leading men tend to be, Napers dyed his hair silver for the role.

With then-ViacomCBS having bowed out of the WB two years ago, when it was still known as the CW, it may seem a bit perplexing for the Warner-owned net to be so eager to remain in business with its former half-owner, especially considering that what is now Paramount Global would logically hold onto a reboot of a property like Matlock for its own outlets, like CBS or the nascent streamer Paramount+. But word is that the WB specifically proposed the Matlock update in the first place, and Paramount was happy to take the license fee for it. The Frog had slots to fill anyway, as a result of its cancelations of DC series Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman.


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