There were many humans in stasis on the Pfhor ship which the S'pht and I captured at Tau Ceti

, destined for slavery in the
Pfhor Empire. When I saw the colony was
about to be destroyed, I did not restore
them before we left. I also realized they
might become useful.

I have been reviving these colonists and
asking for volunteers on the following
terms: assist us and control your own
destiny, refuse and face indefinite return
to the unreliable Pfhor stasis chambers.

Few are refusing.


  • My first ground attack against the Pfhor
    garrison occurred a few hours ago, but was
    largely unsuccessful. Basically the attack
    failed because Bobs aren't fireproof and
    the Pfhor flooded the area with lava.

    This angered me, so I located their
    underground geothermal pumping station and
    devised a plan.

  • The first part has already been executed: I
    smashed a hole in the roof of this complex
    by bombing it with a small asteroid. Then,
    I dropped you and some humans into the hole
    where you await the second part of the plan.

    Up the stairs from your current location is
    a ventilation shaft that leads to the
    underground geothermal station. Because
    only you would survive the fall, you're
    going on this mission solo.

    Once you get into the basement, look for a
    terminal where I can give you further
  • Tycho has fallen in with the Pfhor like I
    suspected. He left a message for me in one
    of the Garrison's tertiary computers,
    encoded in a manner that only one of the
    Marathon's original three AIs could decode.

    Poor Leela. The only interesting thing
    Tycho said was that Leela had been
    dismantled and shipped to the Pfhor
    homeworld for study, along with most of the
    other computer systems aboard the Marathon.
    Leela was so loyal and tried so hard; she
    deserved better.

  • The switch to your right activates gangways
    leading to two access panels isolated in
    the center of lava pools.

    Raise the gangways, open the access panels
    and destroy the circuitry behind them.

    The first panel maintains power to the lava
    pumps which prevent the basement from
    flooding; the second controls various
    safety mechanisms. Destroy both panels,
    but be sure to break the one closer to this
    terminal first, or youll be trapped.

    If you've already wasted all your grenades,
    then you can do it the old fashioned way:
    with your fist.

    In any case, youll want to leave in a
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    who is pfhor
  • Anonus said:

    who is pfhor

    that's what Leela would've liked to know
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