Funny wife/flashlight story

Flashaholic humor with the wife...
My wife is a fun person with a good sense of humor, and we watch Sponge Bob with the kids sometimes. One of Sponge Bob's sayings is "Mother of Pearl!" Well my wife picked up on that saying but changed it to "Holy Mother of Pearl" which she often uses in place of Holy Cow or Holy S**t. At first I thought it was kind of funny, now she has been using the term so often I don't even notice it. She even got to the point of using it in text messages. The first time she did I got a text that said "Holy MOP..." and I was confused. I send her back a text saying what does a mop have to do with anything? imageShe clarified that she meant Holy Mother of Pearl.
So that is the back story. One day my wife was asking questions about flashlights (good woman). She asked me to explain the different reflector types. When I got to MOP, telling her it means Medium Orange Peel, she started laughing. I didn't get it. She says "MOP" is Mother Of Pearl. I chuckle and say, yes, in your world, but in my world MOP is Medium Orange Peel. She starts to tease me and says Medium Orange Peel is a "dumb" description. I say it's no more dumb than Holy Mother of Pearl. She keeps teasing me so I tell her...
Well then, from now on I'm going to say "Holy Medium Orange Peel!" instead of Holy Cow anytime it's appropriate. She laughs and says I won't do it because nobody will know what it means. I remind her that, DUH, nobody knows what Holy Mother of Pearl means either.
So I give it a few days and wait for the right moment. Finally the opportunity comes and I proclaim loudly "HOLY MEDIUM ORANGE PEEL!" Well, she lost it with laughter. imageI thought she was going to die laughing. Of course our friends had no idea what was going on or what was so funny. Since then I have used the term a few more times just for fun and she always laughs hard. I think my wife finally realized how silly her Holy Mother of Pearl saying is. image
BTW, neither of us knew this for a long time, but if you Google Holy Mother of Pearl the Urban Dictionary says it means "Sex, drugs, and alcohol." image


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