We should make this the intro to the website

Most regrettably, the necessity of this page is precipitated by the type of persons who abuse the privilege of viewing this Web Site and are weirdly compelled -- by their basic lack of intelligence, comprehension and manners -- to conjure up and spread exceptionally childish, vile and derogatory comments about this Web Site at their favorite Internet hangouts for such parasitic bums -- the public bulletin boards. By their despicable, immature actions they have earned the descriptive title of BB's -- Bulletin Board Bums

These BB's are the type of persons who when challenged to do so, can not come up with a single contribution that they themselves have made to science or society. It is quite apparent when they go berserk and wildly criticize this Site in their childish, immature manner, they are in reality venting their jealousy and anger in an uncontrolled reaction to their own very severe shortcomings.

If you have already proved by your uncontrolled actions to be one of these BB bums, buzz off, don't look at the rest of this Site and crawl back into your hole.

Otherwise if you are not a BB, to all others a continued WELCOME to this Site. Regardless of what some of these BB's falsely state, there is absolutely nothing in this Site which is fake or a hoax. Everything is absolutely true and factual. If after seeing the first few pages you are undecided as to fake or factual, as you view and read the next pages try to imagine just how we could possibly fake the highly detailed and unusual photographs shown throughout this Site. No Way non-BB's. Regardless of how startlingly unusual they are, they are not false or fake, they are absolutely true and factual.

The BB's, obviously lacking intelligence, objectivity and good judgment, can't make that distinction apparently blinded by their own incapabilities.


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