So I just learned that supposedly old people used to be young people?????

Why did nobody tell me about this before now??


  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    i mean...did they not tell you that?
  • you joke, but this concept really fucks with me

    you joke, but this concept really fucks with me

    same here
  • the idea of time to humans is interesting in how on a moment to moment basis it feels like time is not passing because the situation is stable and very often the passage of time is only something that is realized through cognition rather than felt
  • “Alice is like Princess Kaguya, except instead of being found in a stalk of bamboo and sending suitors on impossible quests, she was found in a toy store and eats all the candy.” – Fossilmaiden
    Humans are kind of weird, if you think about it. Compared to many other animals, we live absurdly long lives.

    Can you imagine if there was some race of beings whose lifespan is to an average human lifespan what a human's lifespan is to an animal? Like, oh, this individual was around long before any human alive today was born, and they're going to be around for another thousand years after we're gone...
  • dunno about that exactly but people talk about this with regards to some long-lived turtles and trees and also entire species or other taxonomic groupings that have existed for long periods of time
  • time abyss
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