This Website is Shameful

or at the very least, it promotes shameful behavior.

First off, allow me to say that I love video games. I've grown up playing them, and I wouldn't trade my game experiences for anything in the world. I've sunk tens of thousands of hours into various games across a multitude of genres, and living in the online age has allowed me to share just as many hours with friends and strangers alike. But this website, and many others like it, have essentially destroyed online communities and have turned some of my favorite game's online components into stressful, aggravating competitions to just stay in a game.

Because of this website's members, and by extension the website itself, I am no longer allowed to enjoy online multiplayer in some of my favorite games. If I happen to stumble upon an online match in a game that has a very small player base, there's a certain sense of elation that I feel, and I think to myself, "Finally! After months of waiting, I am finally able to play this game again." But now, chances are high that the one game going on is a boosting session, and I'm either kicked, banned, or teamkilled to the point that I'm forced to leave. Even games that have larger player bases are subject to your selfishness and greed.

Last night, I attempted to play Battlefield: Bad Company, and though it was admittedly very early in the morning (around 4 AM EST), I was still excited to see that there were people playing. Unfortunately for me, the game had been hi-jacked by members of this website, and I was not allowed to participate in the match. Games with seldom-downloaded DLC are often taken over in similar manners.

The behavior of this website's community is both disgusting and appalling, and many of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Your lust for Gamerscore leads you to hold people's paid-for Xbox Live privileges hostage in some of their most favorite games, and yet you continuously infect the player bases of seldom-played video games and have forever perverted any sense of elation I used to feel when playing such games. I am now forced to play in fear of boosters and Achievement hunters who will either brutally force non-boosters out of a game or unlock their Achievements and never play again.

You have forever ruined dozens of online communities, and I have never once seen an ounce of regret from you Gamerscore gluttons. People pay for these games and they pay for their Xbox Live, and yet you jerks persist to deny people access to both of these.

I propose that you attempt to keep boosting sessions private whenever possible, (ie host a private match instead of public) and whenever you do venture forth into the public realm, immediately cease your boosting once "randoms" join the game and allow them to play, or even invite them to boost along with you. Of course, if they refuse, you should still cease your boosting, because the rampant discrimination against and refusal of access to non-boosters not only reflects badly on the individual participating members, but the community and website as a whole.

I urge you to consider other people's feelings when playing and boosting games. There is no justification for ruining people's experiences like this, and to continue such behavior will forever segregate the Xbox Live community and only further the anger and resentment some people already feel toward boosters and people with high gamerscores.

Mark my words, you heathens - your persistence in bullying people out of public matches and lobbies will only serve to condemn websites such as this, and there will come a day when the tables are turned and it is boosters who are actively discriminated against. Good luck getting your precious little Achievements when it is YOU who is persecuted.
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