Post Flash Games Here, I Guess.

Since this is the last month of Flash, it seems, why now post links to those sites with good flash games.

As for quality-varies-more-than-an-electron's-position collections of the character-creator/dress-up/avatar-maker genre, there's and (PROTIPS:  ones where you dress up male characters are rare, and thus usually have quite a bit of effort put into them, those involving Disney Characters or shoddily-reskinned Disney Characters are pretty much always crap).

I used to really enjoy Miniclip's Minecart Madness (which, despite the fact that you could add it to the bottom of any html website with one line of code, I cannot find anywhere), and Jacksmith was a lot of fun and was one of the few games with save states you could put on a flash drive.

Dan-Ball had a pixelated particle physics simulator that had a lot of options and was a lot of fun, but that one's been switched to HTML5 for a while, so it doesn't count.


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