How would you explain the concept of dreams to an alien?

Oh, yeah, it's a bunch of random imagery and sounds your subconscious shows you, but it's not just imagery and sounds, there's often a coherent narrative, and you get memories and feelings in there too, so it's possible to just "know" things about your dreams without being told or observing them. Also you can manipulate your dreams at will; just thinking about changing the environment around you can make it so. No I'm not making this up. Yes, it happens every night. Where are you going? Get back here!


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    First you have to explain the concept of sleep, assuming the aliens don't sleep.

    Once you get past that, it's just a matter of explaining how our subconscious likes to play interactive movies in our heads while we sleep.......which is something we don't really understand anyway
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    I have been

    think about aliens

    a lot lately

    for some reason
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