which US president could pull off the best Kyoko Sakura cosplay


  • For this moment in time we were together. That alone is enough.
    Risu Ayunda
  • “Alice is like Princess Kaguya, except instead of being found in a stalk of bamboo and sending suitors on impossible quests, she was found in a toy store and eats all the candy.” – Fossilmaiden
    I didn't say you were allowed to name presidents from the future!!
  • astronaut witch bootcamp
  • Munch munch, chomp chomp...
    Tom & Jerry
  • Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    If you have to ask, and it's a cosplay question, the answer is Martin Van Buren.  Always.

    Except for when it's a John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, or John Quincy Adams cosplay, in which they would be best at that cosplay because they look kinda bizarre and genuinely slightly unlike any other human beings ever.
  • TIL Martin Van Buren does the best Benjamin Harrison cosplay
  • “I'm surprised. Those clothes… but, aren't you…?”
    Franklin Pierce is the closest I can find to a femboy while in office, so.
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