2021 Predictions Thread

Imicow becomes a vtuber

Princess Alice exasperates the Handler so much the Handler goes on a vacation to Zeoria

Anonus buys Comcast

Jane steps down as Archmage of Centralia following an incident only referred to as "The Netflix Scandal"


  • astronaut witch bootcamp
    we could use a good cowgirl librarian vtuber
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    Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    Rozburgian exchange students are mysteriously cursed with silence after investigating the origins of Librarian Rozzy.

    JumpingZombie returns to lead us to a glorious golden age, with Wailord and the ****ephant as heralds.

    Anonus and Centie get married after a boss rush of everyone who was ever banned from the heap.
  • astronaut witch bootcamp
    Jumpingzombie coming back would be super cool
  • For this moment in time we were together. That alone is enough.

    Imicow Jane becomes a vtuber

  • astronaut witch bootcamp
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    Can't afford Comcast

    But it's still 2020
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