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Hello party people of 19849! Are you ready to fuck the system? Ready to just bend it over and obliterate it with the power of your lightning cock? WEll I've got good news foryou. My name's Orange Futzelbeam and with the power of the Terminus Escalade you too can now bgbe in control of your local reality system between the hours of 9pm and 900ngh Eastern every single Katilsday! Yes, that means YOU Father Possumdomps. Call now and we'll throw in four hundred free pairs of Big've. That's right! That's EIGHT HUNDRED BIG'VE FOR FREE! All the Terminus Escalade (and your EIGHT HUNDRED FREE BIG'VE) costs is the low low price of 


are you ready to fuck the world like the god damn lightning tyranadon you always knew you could be? CALL 855-GIVE-US-YOUR-BLOOD today!


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