A Celebration of Mainstream Culture

Mainstream culture is great. It is glorious, and its prominence in our society is a strong show of - HAHA I AM LYING TO YOU! I DO NOT TRULY BELIEVE THIS!

It's time for...

The True Belief

captain planet


  • Captain Planet!
  • “Alice is like Princess Kaguya, except instead of being found in a stalk of bamboo and sending suitors on impossible quests, she was found in a toy store and eats all the candy.” – Fossilmaiden
    Review: “A Celebration of Mainstream Culture”
    by Vivian Leawood

    A true return to form for Anonus, who was known in the early '10s for making nonsense threads that, as she would say, "are of high quality". "Celebration" brings back Anonus's classic approach to nonsense, with the new twist of using YouTube footage of CD-ROM software. Classic HH fans will appreciate the time-tested approach to silliness, and newcomers to the series will find it an excellent place to start.

    Rating: 5 wheelchairs out of 5 🦽🦽🦽🦽🦽
  • may nonsense never die
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