Cancel all cop shows and replace them with firefighter shows


  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    ...You know, yeah, I can get behind this!
  • slightly related:

    John Oliver's recent segment wherein (among other things) he points out how renegade cops are popular reminds me how i actually don't like that trope, preferring the cop that plays by the rules but does so in smart ways to corner the perp

    i don't think i was ever much of a fan of elliot stabler in SVU and frankly i didn't find it realistic that he didn't get fired after everything he did

    ...then again, maybe it was realistic, just in a bad way?
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    but yeah this could be an interesting idea

    or more generally, firefighters and EMTs

    frankly, Rescue 911 was a great show
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat

    ...You know, yeah, I can get behind this!

    I can get behind it as well
  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    I remember Rescue 911! Captain Kirk was the host
  • Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    I don't think there still are any cop shows, I'm pretty sure they went the way of the western tv show, the interesting Sci-Fi show, the mystery show, and the road trip movie.
  • This case is closed.
  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    good movie
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