Gremlins 14.

The year: 2145. Gizmo has been elected president of the United States. Humanity drove itself extinct decades prior, thanks to its own hubris and inability to plan for the long term.

With the end of the Anthropocene, Mogwai are now the world’s dominant species. Mogwai have made it perfectly legal and normal to feed after midnight, or to get wet. Gizmo’s gentleness and docility stand in contrast to most of his fellow Mogwai, but of course, the last gasps of humanity voted him in, and given that the position has simultaneously ceased to exist yet not been formally abolished, the Mogwai are stuck having him as their leader.

But not all Mogwai. For, you see, as huge and as Powerful as the United States of America are - having absorbed the entirety of Central and South America in 2039 as part of peace negotiations - other nations do exist. All populated by Mogwai. Including Antarctica, now a thriving hub of activity. This despite the Mogwai killing and consuming penguins for food.

This movie has no plot, following the precedent set by the previous entry in the franchise. Rumor has it that Gremlins 14 had to be heavily edited in order to obtain an R rating from the MPAA.


  • “Alice is like Princess Kaguya, except instead of being found in a stalk of bamboo and sending suitors on impossible quests, she was found in a toy store and eats all the candy.” – Fossilmaiden
    ...OK, so the movie is set in the year 2145, but what year was the movie released?
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat

    ...OK, so the movie is set in the year 2145, but what year was the movie released?

    Warner Bros. didn’t tell me

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