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  • there is a light that never goes out
    Funky Cold Medina?
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    So we journeyed to her house one thing led to an other
    I keyed the door we cold hit the floor looked up and it was her mother
    I didn't know what to say I was hanging by a string
    She said "Hey you two I was once like you and I liked to do the wild thing"
    Wild thing
    She loved to do the wild thing
    Wild thing
    Please baby baby please
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    See, I can accept "Funky Cold Medina" as a product of its time, but what absolutely kills me is that the '80s/'90s nostalgia radio stations still give it airplay as if there's nothing wrong with it
  • there is a light that never goes out
    hasn't aged well, that's for sure
  • Tone Loc is a weird figure.
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
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