Super Bowl LIV

I used to make these threads every year but I stopped

*puts on yellow blazer and pulls out a microphone*

Now we're back, live from Miami, Florida*, the site of Super Bowl LIV - and, hopefully, not a future Atlantis! Two teams with remarkably similar logos will face off today for the Vince Lombardi Trophy - the storied San Francisco 49ers of the NFC take on the long-suffering Kansas City Chiefs of the AFC!

Now, I'm from Denver, and I can say right now, that back home**, folks aren't happy to see the Chiefs play in the Super Bowl. A bitter rival to the hometown Broncos, a Super Bowl title for the Chiefs would provide Chiefs Kingdom with ample bragging rights. They're pulling for the Niners, with a bevy of Broncos connections making the choice all the easier!

*Technically Miami Gardens
**Technically I am still in Denver, broadcasting myself to the site of the game and thankful I'm not sweating more in this blazer


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