o what discords is everyone @

im all lonly in mine


  • Well, it's not actually that cold.
    too many.

    2 servers for specific anime franchises
    11 personal servers or servers for groups of friends
    1 server for my puzzlehunting team
    2 servers for TVT spinoff sites
    3 servers for politics chat
    2 servers for local gamers
    3 servers for non-series/franchise-specific anime chat
    21 servers specific to or centered around a community for a videogame, game series/franchise or publisher
    1 server for a school club
    6 servers for music
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    that your school club has a discord suprises me

    I have like 5

    1 is for game I play

    1 for a community that no longer has a forums

    1 for community with a forum but its dead following dramn and everyone fled to Discord

    1 is my own personal discord

    1 another I J joined just for the heck of it
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    HH's is pretty quiet but you're welcome to join!

  • vtkvtk
    embrace the confusion
    I'm in the HH discord, El Goonish Shive, Casual Conversation, Airport CEO, and several plurality servers
  • I have cut a caper with the dancing mad god
    I'm in the HH Discord, my fantasy bookchat, my book blogger chat, a Realm of the Elderlings reread chat, a Terra Ignota chat (gee are y'all noticing any patterns here?), and a pixel art chat. Plus a couple others I only idle in. 
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    Well, it's not actually that cold.
    Better answer: the following are the discords I regularly chat on/read up on, to varying degrees:

    * small-group server with me, Unknown_Entity (IJBM's webmaster), and a few other friends who have no presence here.  (this includes the guy who runs IJBM's hosting servers.)
    * Puzzlers' Club, a discord for people who like puzzles, such as (but very much not limited to) MIT Mystery Hunt puzzles.
    * discord server for my Mystery Hunt team.  We used to use Slack until we switched to Discord for the hunt this past January.  Lately we've been working on writing our own small puzzlehunt, we're actually almost done with it.
    * personal/small-group server of an old friend who no longer has relations with the TVT metacommunity.
    * "Unpopular Anime Supporters", a server for a group of the same name on MAL.  Few people talk in this server, so it's mainly just me talking about stuff I've watched.
    * a server for progressive/liberal/Democratic elections geeks, mainly as a spinoff of the Daily Kos Elections community.

    There are also some other low-activity servers where I don't ignore any channels.  Such servers include a server for gamers in my geographic region, and a server for fans of the anime/novel series Beatless.  This category includes my personal discord, which I basically have never used, as well as the IJBM discord.

    Beyond these, most of the other servers are servers I joined either because I'm part of the community in a different capacity (e.g. I'm a forum member here so I'm on the HH discord even though I almost never chat there), or for a content-specific reason (e.g. I'm on a Super Metroid discord and a discord for the publisher of the game 100% Orange Juice an a discord for videogame music) but I don't chat on them in any noteworthy capacity.
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