Oh my god

I was watching Antenna TV and they were running an ad for



  • TreTre
  • image Wee yea erra chs hymmnos mea.
    Heist gone wrong? Hit gone right? Cops hot on your tail, giving you a fright? Then you need ManCrate, the ultimate in combination body concealment/loot storage technology! With a false bottom concealing a second compartment, ManCrate is perfect for hiding your ill-gotten gains or tragic accident victims! And with its in-built air freshening unit, your safe room or murder dungeon will stay pine fresh all day! It even doubles as a composter! Worried that it will clash with the decor? Well, worry no more, my friend! ManCrate comes in 77 different colours, including favourites such as Gunmetal Grey, Corpse Blue, Exsanguination Red, and Summer Grape, meaning that no matter what, there's a ManCrate to suit even the pickiest of professional killers! Don't delay, order your very own ManCrate today, and receive a copy of How to Hide From a Drug Kingpin After Stealing Her Money, Her Drugs, and Her Wife, absolutely free!
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