Halloween at the Heap: Name Changes 2018

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The long-standing HH tradition is back! For the month of October, you can have a temporary username change!! Your temporary name need not be spoopy or creppy, but hey, it's Halloween, so have fun!

The usual rules apply:
  • No swapping names with another user. Swapping avatars, signatures, etc. is fine.
  • Be sure you're willing to commit to your name. Each user receives only one name change for October.
  • All users will revert to their previous usernames on November 1, 2018.
A list of name changes will be attached to this post for ease of identification and to give the mods a cheat-sheet when it's time to change back. Please keep this thread free of conversation or shitposting.

Finally, if you'd like to request a permanent username change, use the usual name-change thread. Normal rules apply.

The List:
  • Tatterhood → Noiman Cascade
  • Jane → Spain Sun
  • Odradek → Kormit
  • Section42L → Ernie Bushmiller
  • Central Avenue → Pippi Longstocking
  • Imipolex G → Linnea Quigley
  • vtk → Devin
  • Tre → Drywall
  • Obā-san → Fink
  • Heinzes → Phantom Thief Retort
  • MetaFour → Horrendous Disc
  • Yandere Waifu → Pennydumb
  • SF_Sorrow → the void
  • eriophora zia → eriophantasm the arachnoid eldrite
  • glennmagusharvey → Solo Vivace


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