Good bands vs bad bands

Good bands:

The Eagles
Billy Joel
The Doors

Bad bands:
Maroon Five
That one with the guy who does the thing
The Troggs

These are all the bands there are


  • The Dark Side of the Moo
    The Eagles are supremely boring.

    The Troggs were ok.
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    i thought billie joel was the guy from green day
  • is billy joel actually a band rather than just a single artist?

    well i guess he has musicians that work with him regularly

    also maroon five is that one band that has that song that goes "this, love, has, taken its toll, on me, she said, goodbye; too many times before", right?
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    yeah that's a maroon five song
  • okay, that means i am quite satisfied with them being listed as a bad band
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    The Doors and Billy Joel are good and Maroon Five have been wretched for longer than they were pleasantly forgettable at this point, so sure.

    I kind of want to make my own joke list like this, but the potshots would be too esoteric.
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