If you owned a house and wanted to put in a pool...

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...would you put the pool right next to the house or a bit further away in the yard?  Like, the difference would be whether your backyard concrete slabs directly adjoin the pool area, or whether you have to walk a little to get to a pool area, on a path that is flanked by grassy lawn (or your choice of lawn material).

(Assume that the pool can be seen from the house in both cases, so there's no difference with regards to privacy or being able to watch guests/children or whatever.  Also, assume there's enough space in your yard that you have this choice available to you.)


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    further away, I don't want to fall out a window and drown in the pool
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    further away, I don't want to fall out a window and drown in the pool

    you're more likely to fall out a window and crash onto concrete or roof

    i mean, to drown in the pool you'd have to fall out a window then roll like 10 feet even to a pool that's next to the house
  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    I don't care, water scares me more than a concrete roof.
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    I like the way my uncle had it set up at his old house in Delaware, Ohio: A moderately sized deck that opens out onto the pool.
  • Honestly I'd rather replace the garage or something with an indoor pool.
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