Bayer bought Monsanto

And it's not something I've heard a lot about or really even remembered was going on...

I know the entire U.S. news media has turned into Govertainment Tonight, but: huh?


  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    What does this mean, in practical terms?
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    Bayer now has a monopoly on certain corn strains and the horrifying pesticides to which these strains are bred to be resistant. Also now Big Pharma has direct stock in Big Corn, which given the health issues massive consumption of sugars (most often high fructose corn syrup these days) cause and who is invested in treating them should be cause for no little alarm.
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    That's better than what I was thinking
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