i want to use the funny at midnight tag but i have nothing funny to put here

so here's a picture of an axolotl i found on the internet image
and now here's the music video of Madness's House of Fun


  • actually you know what i DO find funny?

    when i was born

    i looked like a donut

    and they said to me "EEYEEREEYEEREEYEEREEY'

    and then so i said to them "I'm tryin' to get some sleep here!  Would you chaps please shut your yaps?!"

    and then they said to me "Akchally dude we just wanted to go to Six Flags"

    so i went with them to Six Flags Manitoba and there we discovered the origin of Jurassic Park: a full life-sized enlarged portrait of King Dino III.

    King Dino III  gave us all tootsie-roll pops, but they were promptly stolen by the local owls.

    owls, man.  why'd it have to be owls.
  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    "when i was born

    i looked like a donut"

    I won't believe this without pictures.
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    so the healing duties after the owl attack were divvied up between Jake, Beanstar, and me.  I drew the short straw so that meant I had to go toe-to-toe with a live brontosaurus.  fortunately i had my can of Lugia GX red bean soda with me, so i just gave it to the pirate and won.

    after that, beanstar encountered a large golden turtle who had identity issues and was also a dragon.  It questioned us about where to find the best local Jamaican food.  I pointed it at a place in my hometown and it immediately disappeared.

    Good thing I had my smart phone with me!  Mapquest sure is useful.
  • "when i was born

    i looked like a donut"

    I won't believe this without pictures.
    ask my donkey farm for photos

    they sell them at the gift shop for $2.99 each

    tax not included
  • afterwards do please pick up a coupon for 15% off a one-course meal at the Sadie's General Store
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    I could literally go into this thread and just post "swiss cheese....." and it would make as much sense as anything else you've posted here.
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    swiss cheese.....
  • so beanstar and i also went to eat at Shoney's BBQ and there we ordered fried West Virginia

    they took a while so i checked out their kitchen and sure enough it was filled with graham crackers and marshmallows

    i asked them where's the fried Louisiana and they said they're working on it, it'll take them another 15 minutes

    i asked them how come it takes them so long to make a fried Montana? i mean, I'VE made a fried Oregon before and it only took me like the better part of six minutes plus a commercial break

    and they told me that their version of a fried Hawai'i uses ingredients such as locally-sourced cowpokes so it has to prettily cure longer
  • swiss cheese.....

    they frickin' forgot to add this to our fried Guam!  what the effing hell
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
  • can't stop the Oregon

    the Oregon is the unstoppable force

    Oregon is a key ingredient in the manufacture of burnt-on cheese
  • so after we got home there was this one guy who left and he said "you must construct additional pylons"

    we were like "ok" and we promptly ignored him

    so later we had a legal settlement with the owls, in which they promised to stop eating all our tootsie-roll pops but we promised to give them a fifth of ours.
    i'd say that's a fair deal.

    we exited the office just to find out that we were being baby sat by a giant life-sized shrunken mothra.  it had much to expound on on the virtues of vespene gas.  we promptly ignored it too.

    we made our way to the dentist.  beanstar had his dentures cleaned because it was a thursday and because the receptionist was not a brontosaurus today.

    "hold it right there!" yellowed the dentist.  " i see you are not accreting moisture below the Grand Line."  "why?" we asked.  "that's simple.


    Well, he certainly was all right about that.
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