The 3D Playstation platformer cycle

First game: The weird unpolished one

Second game: The polished one that everyone remembers fondly with increased variety

Third game: The one with a lot of minigames and stuff that a lot of people seem to dislike, but I tend to think is the most fun one of the trilogy

Happened to Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter


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    i never played the original jak and daxter so i didn't get the whole "why is this goofy thing grimdark now" reaction
  • also applies to the PS1-era Frogger games
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    Haven't gotten to try the R&C series but does it count?

    also, fuck, LittleBigPlanet has this going on too
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    The third Crash Bandicoot and the third Spyro were my favorites, though that may just be because I'm most familiar with them.
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    3D platformers are a thing that should not be
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    You are entitled to hold that opinion
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    *respectful disagreement*
  • The third game in any trilogy tends to be the one that is remembered the most, mainly because by then the developers have figured out what the fuck they’re doing.

    See: every game trilogy ever.

    (Also time travel seems popular in the third game...)
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    Super Mario 3
    Zelda 3
    Sonic 3 (& Knuckles)
    Metroid 3

    hmm, you may be right.

    Mega Man X3 disagrees, though
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    although none of those are trilogies per se
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    I think I see more people talk about Sonic 2 than Sonic 3, though that may just be because Tails is super cute and very memorable.

    Agreed about Super Mario Bros 3, though. I consider it the pinnacle of NES platformers.
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    sonic 2 pales in comparison to 3 and its worldbuilding
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    The impression I get is that the general "gamer" population generally prefers Sonic 2, but the population of self-identified Sonic fans generally prefers Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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    okay what do gamers prefer about Sonic 2
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    S3&K is a pretty long, involved experience, so if you're a casual fan S2 might be better for a quick playthrough.

    Also it has Chemical Plant which is still probably my favorite Sanic level
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    well doesn't that make S3&K better if you, like, wanted to invest more time into things
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    Even the combined game isn't that much longer.  S&K was really short, and Knuckles's full path might actually be a bit shorter than Sonic 2.

    My problem with S&K was that there were way too few giant rings, and only four zones with any AT ALL.  So you had harder Special Stages, 60% of the game to do them, and almost none after the first zone (most of those remaining were on very specific paths that were easy to irreversibly fall out of).  I remember for the longest time I'd play S3&K and skip the second game's giant rings just so I could keep Super.

    I think there was also an exploit with the savegames where you could just do the one right next to the entrance of Mushroom A1 over and over.  But that was only possible in S3&K, as S&K didn't have a save feature, and even then you only pathed past that ring coming from Launch Base.  And then a couple were only reachable by Tails.  So you automatically missed like three of the already super sparse rings entirely just for playing the vanilla game, and there were barely enough left even if you aced them all.
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    The combined game is about twice as long as S2. But I agree with the giant rings being needlessly scarce in S&K.
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    the fact that S3 alone has a save feature and S&K does not is baffling
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    The reason Sonic 3 has a save feature is just that it's the base game. It probably would never have had one if it was a standard six zone game, and S&K was never particularly intended to be played without S3.
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    S&K on its own is a pain in the ass
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