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  • The Anatomy of Moolancholy
    well of course, the devil has all the best tunes.
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    Remember guitar bizarre
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    Calica said:

    Remember guitar bizarre

    Kardue'sai'Malloc was born to the Kardue family of Devaron, the third member thereof to carry his name; he had the unusual characteristic of possessing both male and female sets of teeth, a genetic throwback.[1] He had at least one brother growing up.[2] The Kardues had a long and proud tradition of military service stretching back sixteen generations, one which Malloc decided to carry on. He joined the Devaronian Army, rising to the rank of captain. Military life agreed with Malloc, aside from the necessity of putting Devaronian troops under Imperial command when the Galactic Civil Warreached Devaron.[1]

    Malloc was a fanatic lover of music and an avid collector of recordings. He built up a vast library of musical recordings by famed artists over the years. Many of his copies were rare and expensive; some were the sole existing recordings of a particular performance. Music was his great passion and what he considered to be his reason for living and could achieve transcendent experiences listening to beloved recordings.[1] A great many of his recordings were of music suppressed and destroyed by the Empire as seditious

  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    wait, malloc?
  • My dreams exceed my real life

    The Alliance to Restore the Republic placed a five million credit bounty on Malloc, who had acquired the epithet "The Butcher of Montellian Serat".[7][1] This was a significant sum, enough to incite Boba Fett himself to pursue Malloc during the Galactic Civil War, though he was persuaded to seek other quarry.[8][2] Malloc took his vast music collection with him when he left and used his flight to further his great passion, seeing various artists on tour. He considered there to be no more than six great living artists he had never seen live. He spent five years following Maxa Jandovar, a noted vandfillist and political opponent of the Empire, on her informal tour, but always missed her. Malloc was on Tatooine preparing to follow her to Morvogodine when he heard that she had been arrested and died in custody there.[1][9]

    Malloc stayed on Tatooine, where he lived under the alias of "Labria" to avoid bounty hunters. The term was an obscene one in Devaronese, meaning "cold food". He had not originally intended to stay there, but simply never left, eventually settling down for good in Mos Eisley; he did consider his distance from Devaron and relative anonymity as distinct advantages in staying safe. He became a regular patron of Chalmun's Spaceport Cantinadespite his profound distaste for the musical entertainment offered and was regularly the first patron in the door on mornings. He regarded the bartender there, Wuher, as his best friend. He enjoyed Wuher's general distaste for the universe at large and considered him something of a kindred spirit; Wuher regarded "Labria" as a friend as well and was sometimes amused at Malloc's continual jokes. Malloc spent much of his time in the cantina drinking; the cantina claimed to supply his favorite alcoholMerenzane Gold. Though the substance was not genuine Merenzane Gold, he drank it anyway.[1]

  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    free malloc!
  • For once, or maybe twice, I was in my prime.
    "Wow. This place is a den of scumbags. Oh, look, Ratboy is here. Good to see him. Oh, and literally Satan. That makes sense!"
  • "well ok, no dragon girls, that's a dealbreaker" ~imicow
    "i guess you didn't know it but i'm a fiddle player too!"

    Golden Fiddles of Soul Exchange (supposedly)
    $199.99 each
    only on the Hell Shopping Network!
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