Disney's Robin Hood is underrated

edited 2018-04-29 03:01:03 in General Media
Everybody makes fun of all the recycled animation and how Little John is clearly Baloo, but it's got some great set-pieces, some impressive action sequences, and some incredibly lovely backgrounds.

It's also the movie that caused Don Bluth to start up his own animation gig, and the movie that brought us the Hamster Dance, and the movie that gave us Lady Kluck.


  • astronaut witch bootcamp
    I remember finding this one of the more tolerable Disney animated features when I was a lil calf.
  • “I'm surprised. Those clothes… but, aren't you…?”
    I mean, it’s something of a cult classic and easily one of the best regarded Disney “Dark Age” films; it’s also maybe the definitive formative movie for young furries regardless of generation, so it’s had plenty of staying power.
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