suck it in suck it in suck in if you're rin tin tin or anne boleyn

make a desperate move or else you'll win
and then begin to see what you do to me
this mtv is not for free
so pc it's killing me
so desperately i sing to thee
of love, sure, but also rage and hate and pain and fear of self
and i can't keep these feelings on the shelf
i've tried, well no, in fact i've lied
it might be financial suicide but i've got too much pride inside to hide or slide
i'll do as i decide and let it ride until i've died, and only then shall i abide
this tide of catchy little tunes, of hip three-minute ditties
i wanna bust all your balloons, i wanna burn all of your cities to the ground
i've found
i will not mess around
unless i play, then hey
i will go on all day, hear what i say
i have a prayer to pray, that's really all this was
when i'm feeling stuck and need a buck i don't rely on luck

I ain't telling you no lie
on that you can rely

(I typed all of that from memory, I hope I got it mostly correct)


  • ain't got no pin
    for this dang grin
    it's way too thin
    for folks in Lynn
    unless my gin
    brewed back in the Min
    pours down the shin
    of my dear Phryne
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