This freeway sign sure is necessary and useful.


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    sign contents expunged by order of O5
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    The only thing I can think of is that it kinda looks like they built it with room for another lane, and that would be the "RIGHT LANE ENDS" sign? But that doesn't explain why they'd put up the sign and cover it instead of just holding off until when/if the lane is actually striped.
  • vtkvtk
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    Yeah that's definitely a RIGHT LANE ENDS sign, covered. In the fully-built-out plans for the East Innerbelt 2.0, four lanes feed into this section and one of them ends. It does seem like they could have omitted the sign, probably just putting up the support structure, but I guess since this sign was fully within the limits of Project 1 it was fabricated and installed without much further thought. I think at the time it was thought that Project 2 was only a few years from starting.
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