QUEEN CITY - Christmas is Centralia's biggest holiday, and as in every year, the arrival of Santa Claus to our principality is a major event for the whole country. Employees at civic and retail establishments are hard at work putting up banners and bringing out costumed characters to make Santa feel welcome here.

In a televised address at the palace, Princess Alice declared that "Christmas is the most important annual event for our fair principality, as the objective greatest holiday ever conceived, and a time when Centralia welcomes Santa Claus, my globe-trotting, gift-giving compatriot in chubbiness. The arrival of Santa gives Centralia a chance to shine on the global stage, and, of course, means I get lots of presents!" The Princess then ceased to speak as her eyes turned starry and she gazed off in the distance, moaning and drooling.

Christmas means great economic impact for Centralia as well. Each year, billions are spent on gifts and decorations.


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