Rare Entries

Let's play Rare Entries!  The object of this game is to get the fewest points by picking the least-picked things in several categories.

How to play:
  1. Pick one item in each category, trying to pick the least-picked things in each category.
  2. Write them down and send them to me in a private message.
  3. In a few days or so, depending on how fast or how many people respond (I'll announce a day before I end the game), I'll calculate everyone's score and post what people picked and their scores.  (I won't participate since I'm keeping score.)
  4. SCORING: For each category, you get points equal to the number of people who picked the choice you picked.  Invalid entries get a category score of ([number of participants] - 1).  Your total score multiplies together all your category scores.  Lowest score wins.
Here are the categories: Special thanks to Imipolex G, Central Avenue, Aliroz, vtk, Anonus, and Treman for contributing/inspiring some of these categories.


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