60fps games look gross and weird

Same with more than 23fps movies


  • your MOM looks gross and weird hahahaahahahahaha nerd
  • Eternity is a child playing, playing checkers; the kingdom belongs to a child.
  • see if you post that it makes me feel bad even if you're just playing along
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    *pats you both*
    how many fps did old games like the Sega Nintendo even run at? I don't know
  • I think framerate isn't really that much of a deal with 2D games except for fighting games.  Especially given that sprite-based graphics limit the number of poses to a naturally "choppy" animation.

    Still though it's possible to tell smoothness in the motions, and I know the difference between frameskipped GBA emulation and non-frameskipped GBA animation for example.

    That said I think SNES operated on a refresh rate of 60 Hz in NTSC systems.  Not sure if the CRT TVs were capable of displaying that, since they have their own ways of handling things.
  • kill living beings
    cos hand cameras do higher FPS than film cameras and old games.

    it's a weird reason to be unsettled by anything. i mean, i am too. it's weird
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