a thread for recording 100% Orange Juice stuff

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For whatever reason I felt like creating a thread to document this, and comment on my matches.  That's its only purpose currently.

If you play 100% OJ feel free to add your records/commentary too.

edit: thread is now also for thoughts about 100% Orange Juice

edit: thread is now for anything about 100% Orange Juice


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    on the evening of 2017-09-29

    1st place as Aru
    2nd place as Fernet [drop-in]

    I even got Survivor as Aru.  That's pretty much only thanks to the map being huge and there being basically no attackers.

    I was about to win that second match but I was basically one turn behind the Sherry player.
  • on the evening of 2017-09-30

    2nd place as Yuki - CPU win :(
    1st place as Marc (2nd Suguri, 3rd Kai, 4th Nath)
    3rd place as Kae (1st Krila, 2nd Nath, 4th Poppo)
  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    100% OJ Simpson
  • 100% OJ Simpson

    they haven't made glove accessories so i can't make a joke about whether they fit
  • let's try another reporting method

    player order: Kyoko, Mixed Poppo, Kae, Mixed Poppo
    3rd place as Mixed Poppo (1st Kae, 2nd Kyoko, 4th Mixed Poppo)

    player order: Tomomo, Nanako, Yuki, Sweet Breaker
    1st place as Nanako (2nd Sweet Breaker, 3rd Yuki, 4th Tomomo)
  • 1st place as Hime (2nd Krila, 3rd Star Breaker, 4th Alte)
    player order: Alte, Krila, Star Breaker, Hime
  • Current stats:
    Online games played: 669
    Online games won: 192
    Win rate: ~28.7%

    Games played: 764
    Games won: 237
    Win rate: ~31.0%

    I'm not sure what the difference is between these two, honestly.
  • player order: Sham, Saki, Suguri (me, drop-in), Miusaki
    4th place as Suguri (1st Saki, 2nd Sham, 3rd Miusaki)

    player order: Krila, Marie Poppo (me), Marie Poppo, Nath
    3rd place as Marie Poppo (1st Marie Poppo (not me), 2nd Nath, 4th Krila)
  • player order: Kae, Yuki (me, drop-in), Aru (Scramble), Nanako
    3rd place as Yuki (1st Kae, 2nd Nanako, 4th Aru (Scramble))
    holy crap Kae got a ton of excellent luck this game.

    player order: Marie Poppo, Saki, Store Manager, Robo Ball (me)
    2nd place as Robo Ball (1st Marie Poppo, 3rd Saki, 4th Store Manager)

    player order: Krila, Seagull (me), Saki, Hime
    4th place as Seagull (1st Krila, 2nd Hime, 3rd Saki)
  • player order: Sherry, Sham, Syura (me), Marc
    2nd place as Syura (1st Marc, 3rd Sherry, 4th Sham)

    player order: Sora (CPU), Krila, Fernet (me), QP (Dangerous)
    3rd place as Fernet (1st Krila, 2nd Sora, 4th QP (Dangerous))

    player order: Saki (me), Suguri, Krila, Mimyuu/Tomato
    1st place as Saki (2nd Mimyuu/Tomato, 3rd Krila, 4th Suguri)
    The oddest thing about this game is that I won as Saki with no traps at all.  (The only trap I drew was on my penultimate turn, which I placed and then immediately afterwards won the game.)
  • QP, Marc, Sora, Saki (me, drop-in)
    2nd place as Saki (1st QP, 3rd Marc, 4th Sora)

    Syura, Nath, Tomato&Mimyuu, Krila (me)
    2nd place as Krila (1st Syura, 3rd Tomato&Mimyuu, 4th Nath)

    Suguri, QP (Dangerous), Syura, Krila (me)
    4th place as Krila (1st QP (Dangerous), 2nd Syura, 3rd Suguri)

    Krila (me), Kai, Marc, QP (Dangerous)
    1st place as Krila (2nd QP (Dangerous), 3rd Kai, 4th Marc)

    getting my traps daily took me FOREVER
  • Mixed Poppo would do well to with the Dash card.

    While Dash isn't a card I like to pack with most other characters, because it's neutrally/situationally useful, Mixed Poppo can combo Dash with her hyper.  Not on the same turn, but basically, she sets her hyper, which spams the map with Warp+Move spaces.  These persist for a few turns.  The next turn, she pulls out Dash, which allows her to roll two dice for movement -- so every time she comes out of a Warp+Move she rolls two dice for movement, which means it's far easier for her to warp multiple times until she gets to where she wants to go -- especially useful for getting home.

    And even if she doesn't, every warp benefits her.  At odd levels she gains level x3 stars per warp; at even levels she gains 1 card per warp.  That's her unique passive that no one else has.

    Deck suggestion:
    3x Here & There (event - everyone teleports to random locations)
    3x Go Away (trap - teleport to random location)
    3x Dash (boost - roll two dice for movement)
    1x ?

    useful field events:
    Random Warp
    Sprint (roll two dice for movement this turn)
    Charity (free card every few turns)

    less-affected-by field events:
    Home Roulette (shuffles home panel placements)
  • player order: Krila (me, drop-in), NoName (CPU), Suguri, Syura (CPU)
    1st place as Krila (2nd Suguri, 3rd and 4th NoName and Syura)
    Not really a fair game since I joined as Krila right as she was winning.
    Not sure if it counted either, since it gave me no oranges.

    player order: Nath, Sora (Military), Poppo, Mixed Poppo
    3rd place as Mixed Poppo (1st Nath, 2nd Poppo, 4th Sora-M)
  • order: Hime, Robo Ball, Sham (me), Krila
    1st place as Sham (2nd Hime, 3rd Krila, 4th Robo Ball)
  • ...And even when your hope is gone
    move along, move along, just to make it through
    I thought this was going to be about the Orangutan from Life of Pi.
  • 2002 MN said:

    I thought this was going to be about the Orangutan from Life of Pi.

    Hahaha...sorry about that.  I play this game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282800/100_Orange_Juice/
    and it's a four-player multiplayer board game.
  • player order: Yuki, Kyousuke, Repa, Syura (me)
    1st place as Syura (2nd Ceoreparque, 3rd Yuki, 4th Kyousuke)
    Strange thing about this was that I wasn't quite too close to winning yet and Repa was ahead of me but then Yuki and Repa both challenged me.  Yuki lost to me (in what was no surprise), but Repa also lost to me (in what was a surprise).  Frankly, I'm not sure why she bothered to challenge me given that she was already in the lead.  Yuki had an excuse since she was thrown on wins norma by CPU, but not Repa...

    player order: Kyoko, Yuki, Tomomo, Kae
    3rd place as Kyoko (1st Yuki, 2nd Tomomo, 4th Kae)

    player order: Mixpo, Suguri, Chicken, Kae (me)
    1st place as Kae (2nd Chicken, 3rd Mixpo, 4th Suguri)

    player order: Poppo, Fernet, Ceoreparque, Chicken (me)
    2nd place as Chicken (1st Ceoreparque, 3rd Fernet, 4th Poppo)

    player order: QP, Krila (me), Saki, Aru
    1st place as Krila (2nd Aru, 3rd Saki, 4th QP)

    player order: Poppo, Alte (me), Aru, Nath
    2nd place as Alte (1st Nath, 3rd Aru, 4th Poppo)
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    Repa = Ceoreparque
    Poppo = Marie Poppo
    Mixed Poppo, Mixpo = Marie Poppo (Mixed)
    QPD = QP (Dangerous)
    Aru-S = Aru (Scramble)
    M-Sora, M. Sora, Sora-M = Sora (Military)
    Manager = Store Manager
    Jonathan = Seagull
    Haruo = Chicken
  • player order: Sora, QPD (me), Ceoreparque, Aru
    2nd place as QPD (1st Aru, 3rd Ceoreparque, 4th Sora)

    Sora, Chicken (me), QPD, Aru
    2nd place as Chicken (1st Aru, 3rd QPD, 4th Sora)

    Tomomo, Poppo (mostly CPU), Tomato/Mimyuu (mostly CPU), Aru
    4th place as Tomomo (1st Tomato/Mimyuu, 2nd Aru, 3rd Poppo)

    Tomomo, Nath, Sora-M, Marc
    4th place as Tomomo (1st Marc, 2nd Nath, 3rd Sora-M)

    I suck at playing Tomomo.

    Marc (me), Marc, Hime, Tomomo
    3rd place as Marc (1st Tomomo, 2nd Marc (not me), 4th Hime)

    Sweet Breaker, QP, Miusaki, Poppo (me)
    1st place as Poppo (2nd QP, 3rd Sweet Breaker, 4th Miusaki)

    Saki (me), Nath, Suguri, Marc
    4th place as Saki (1st Nath, 2nd Suguri, 3rd Marc)
  • other abbreviations

    Sweebo=Sweet Breaker
    Starbo = Star Breaker

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    thoughts on Marie Poppo strategy:

    re someone's comment that "sit on three hypers" strategy is dumb

    Well, yeah, it is.  But the reason it works for Poppo is because, besides having a useful hyper, Poppo who's about to win can be nearly indistinguishable from Poppo who's dead last and stuck there.  Since you can't see their cards (outside exceptional circumstances), you can't reliably tell when a Poppo at level 5 with 100 stars and three cards actually has their hypers.

    Now if you had the option, of course, you'd keep on smacking the Poppo, but any good Poppo player knows to stay out of your way when they can, especially if you have a >0 attack stat.  But if someone else is much closer to winning, you can't justify focusing on the Poppo while letting them win.

    So if anything, it's actually better to play Poppo and lag relative to the other players while picking up hypers.
  • Halloween update, with new Community Card Pack!

    Sweet Breaker (1), Sweet Breaker (2), Kae, Kyousuke (me)
    1st place as Kyousuke (2nd Kae, 3rd Sweebo (2), 4th Sweebo (1))
    So much Melting Memories this round haha.  Except I got lucky with playing random cards I couldn't see, lol.

    Fernet (me), Tomato+Mimyuu, Sham, Nath
    3rd place as Fernet (1st Tomato+Mimyuu, 2nd Sham, 4th Nath)

    Yuki, Tomomo (me), Krila, Marc
    3rd place as Tomomo (1st Krila, 2nd Yuki, 4th Marc)

    Krila, Sora-M, Marc (me), Syura
    3rd place as Marc (1st Sora-M, 2nd Krila, 4th Syura)
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    Star Breaker (CPU), Kae (me), Suguri, Sherry (CPU/player)
    2nd place as Kae (1st Star Breaker, 3rd Suguri, 4th Sherry)

    Poppo, Yuki, Nanako, Saki
    3rd place as Poppo (1st Nanako, 2nd Yuki, 4th Saki)

    Sham, Fernet (me), Ceoreparque, Sherry
    2nd place as Fernet (1st Sherry, 3rd Repa, 4th Sham)

    Tonight started with a win then 6 losses lol. (Should be one win per three losses, by chance.)
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    Sherry (me, drop-in), Alte (CPU), Chicken, Kiriko (initially CPU)
    3rd place as Sherry (1st Chicken, 2nd Alte, 4th Kiriko)

    Aru, Hime, Alte, Sora (me)
    1st place as Sora (2nd Hime, 3rd Aru, 4th Alte)

    Wondering if I should start including map and field events.

    Kae, Mixpo, Miusaki, Marc (me)
    Tomomo's Abyss (Battlefield)
    1st place as Marc (2nd Miusaki, 3rd Kae, 4th Mixpo)

    Starbo, Tomato+Mimyuu (chosen by CPU but mostly played by human), Aru-S, Mixpo
    Practice Field (no events)
    1st place as Mixpo (2nd Starbo, 3rd Tomato+Mimyuu, 4th Aru-S)

    A winning streak to make up for my earlier losing streak?
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    I wonder if trying to play Tomomo as a "bully" is why I suck at her. Maybe instead I should play her as a star collector who simply has the option of switching to bully mode if necessary. Her below-standard HP seems to make her survivability lower than Yuki's, despite Yuki's defense penalty. Her higher-than-standard REC also makes Yuki's suicide-to-full-heal strategy less viable.

    Under this strategy, Brutal Prank is still a viable pick because Tomomo's hyper is still crap. Out of Ammo as well, since Tomomo isn't as card-dependent. Better questions are whether Mimic is a good choice now, and perhaps more importantly whether healing cards and Quick Restoration are a good choice.

    I guess if Tomomo is not betting on being a bully, then it's going to be more about opportunistically picking off opponents, making healing and Quick Restoration less of an issue. And even when a defensive character in the lead has these tools, Tomomo threatening them with a +2 atk isn't going to help much, since the result is likely to be all-or-nothing, especially since Tomomo herself is a bit on the fragile side.
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    Syura (CPU), Nath, Tomomo (me), Nanako
    Witch Forest (Charity, Miracle, Bomber)
    2nd place as Tomomo (1st Nanako, 3rd Syura, 4th Nath)

    Tomomo (me), Yuki, Kiriko, Kae (CPU then player)
    Practice Field (Air Raid, Home Roulette, Amplify)
    1st place as Tomomo (2nd Kiriko, 3rd Yuki, 4th Kae)

    Hmm, my new approach to Tomomo seems to be working better.

    Fernet, Kyoko (me), Star Breaker, Sherry (CPU then player)
    Highway Heist (Sprint, Mystery, Amplify)
    1st place as Kyoko (2nd Star Breaker, 3rd Fernet, 4th Sherry)

    Peat (me), QP (player then CPU until the very last turn), Tomato+Mimyuu, Sweet Breaker (CPU)
    Space Wanderer (Random Warp)
    2nd place as Peat (1st QP, 3rd Sweet Breaker, 4th Tomato+Mimyuu)

    Kai (me), Sweet Breaker, Saki, Sherry
    Tomomo's Abyss (Battlefield)
    1st place as Kai (2nd Saki, 3rd Sherry, 4th Sweebo)

    I've been playing surprisingly well tonight.  Not sure why.
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    I have a strat in mind for Poppo, though thay doesn't mean I'm guaranteed a win. I've lost some matches while holding one or even two Ubiqs (though if I'm losing while holding two, I probably screwed something up), and I've also won matches where I never drew a Ubiq at all.
  • Being someone who depends entirely on wins, Starbo is the only character for whom Sky Restaurant is an unequivocally good card.

    That said, it could potentially factor into a deck for any character who has a chance of winning on win points rather than stars, such as Marc.

    Or, on Battlefield maps. Better yet, Battlefield + Air Raid or Battlefield + Bomber maps, where stars are likely to change hands easily due to combat victories.
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    Poppo (me),  Yuki, Tomato+Mimyuu (CPU then player then CPU then player), Mixpo
    Frost Cave (Charity, Treasure)
    1st place as Poppo (2nd Yuki, 3rd Mixpo, 4th Tomato+Mimyuu)

    Suguri (me), Nanako, NoName, Fernet
    Planet Earth (Minelayer, Miracle, Freeze)
    3rd place as Suguri (1st NoName, 2nd Fernet, 4th Nanako)

    I suck at playing Suguri.

    Rather, I could have been doing better, and I had two Accelerators and an Extend, but then NoName played Scrambled Eve and Nanako and I both cried (repeatedly) and died (repeatedly) while Fernet and NoName competed against each other for the win.
  • Alte, Sham, Sham (me), Krila
    4th place as Sham (1st Sham, 2nd Alte, 3rd Krila)

    Shifu Robot, QP (me), Ceoreparque (CPU then player), NoName
    3rd place as QP (1st Ceoreparque, 2nd Shifu Robot, 4th NoName)
    Almost had first place there.  I should have picked Hyper Mode instead of Shield for that one battle.

    Poppo (me), Nath, Poppo, Sweet Breaker
    4th place as Poppo (1st Nath, 2nd Sweebo, 3rd Poppo)

    Kiriko, Kyousuke, Aru-S, Saki (me)
    1st place as Saki (2nd Aru-S, 3rd Kiriko, 4th Kyousuke)

    Tomato+Mimyuu, Krila (me), Kyousuke, Poppo
    4th place as Krila (1st Kyousuke, 2nd Poppo, 3rd Tomato+Mimyuu)

    Pretty bad night tonight except for that one win where I got way lucky as Saki.  Unexpectedly KO'd Aru-S one time and then everything just fell into place after that.
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    Kyoko (CPU, player at the end), Starbo (AI), QP (me), Alte
    3rd place as QP (1st Kyoko, 2nd Alte, 4th Starbo)

    Hime, QPD (me, then CPU, then me), Yuki-D (player, then CPU, then different player), Fernet (player, then CPU)
    Desynch happened.  Yuki (Dangerous)'s theme song was too awesome for the game, causing a desynch.  While I was gone, CPU wasted all my good cards.
    4th place as QPD (1st Fernet, 2nd Yuki-D, 3rd Hime)

    Kae, Robo Ball, Sweet Breaker (me), Hime
    1st place as Sweebo (2nd Robo Ball, 3rd Kae, 4th Hime)

    Tomato+Mimyuu, Shifu Robot (me), Nath (CPU for first few turns, then player), Kae
    2nd place as Shifu Robot (1st Tomato+Mimyuu, 3rd Nath, 4th Kae)

    Starbo (me), Tomomo-CSE, Kae, Alte
    1st place as Starbo (2nd Kae, 3rd Alte, 4th Tomomo-CSE)

    It's funny that these are the first two times I've played either Sweet Breaker or Star Breaker after buying their DLC pack, yet I won both matches...and lost everything else this evening.

    Also, there are two new characters - Yuki (Dangerous) and Tomomo (Casual)/Tomomo (Sweet Eater).  They'll be abbreviated as Yuki-D and Tomomo-C/SE.
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    Suguri, Nanako, QPD (player, then CPU, then a different player), QPD (me)
    1st place as QPD (2nd Nanako, 3rd other QPD, 4th Suguri)

    Tomomo-C/SE, Suguri, Nanako, Robo Ball (me)
    2nd place as Robo Ball (1st Tomomo-C/SE, 3rd Nanako, 4th Suguri)

    Aru, Sham (me), Syura (CPU, then player), Sweebo
    2nd place as Sham (1st Aru, 3rd Syura, 4th Sweebo)
    I am not too sure whether I came in 2nd or 3rd but I think it was 2nd.
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    Starbo (CPU), Suguri, Seagull (me), Ceoreparque (CPU)
    1st place as Seagull (2nd Starbo, 3rd Suguri, 4th Ceo)

    Yuki-D (CPU), Starbo (me), Saki (CPU), Suguri
    2nd place as Starbo (1st Suguri, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th Saki)

    Tomomo-C/SE A, Tomomo-C/SE B, Nath, Hime (me)
    1st place as Hime, 2nd TCSE B, 3rd TSCE A, 4th Nath

    Nath, Alte, Peat, Starbo
    2nd place as Peat (1st Alte, 3rd Nath, 4th Starbo)

    New Year's Night has been a surprisingly good night for me.
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    Sweebo (me), Poppo, Seagull, Aru
    Christmas Miracle; Sprint, Mystery, Treasure
    3rd place as Sweebo (1st Aru, 2nd Poppo, 4th Seagull)

    Aru, Tomomo-CSE, QPD, Saki
    Shipyard; Home Roulette, Bomber, Freeze
    4th place as Aru (1st Saki, 2nd QPD, 3rd Tomo-CSE)

    Fernet, Tomomo, Marc, Suguri
    Clover; Air Raid, Minelayer
    3rd place as Marc (1st Suguri, 2nd Fernet, 4th Tomomo)

    Sorry I've forgotten to record map and field events for the past several matches.
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    Tomato/Mimyuu, Yuki A, QPD (me), Yuki B
    Frost Cave; Random Warp, Charity
    2nd place as QPD (1st Yuki B, 2nd Tomato/Mimyuu, 4th Yuki A)

    Aru, Aru-S, Yuki, Yuki-D
    Planet Earth; Charity, Air Raid, Amplify
    1st place as Aru (2nd Aru-S, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th Yuki)

    Seagull, Shifu Robot, Tomomo-CSE, Aru (CPU, then player)
    Sealed Archive; Regeneration, Minelayer, Battlefield
    4th place as Seagull (1st Aru, 2nd Tomomo-CSE, 3rd Shifu Robot)

    Yuki, Kai (me), Yuki-D, Mixpo
    Training Program;
    game never finished

    Kyousuke (CPU, then player), Chicken (me), QP, Ceoreparque
    Lagoon Flight; forgot what events there were
    3rd as Chicken (1st Kyousuke, 2nd QP, 4th Miusaki)
  • Aru-S, Marc, Suguri (me), Alte (CPU, then player)
    Frost Cave - Freeze, Backtrack, Sprint
    2nd place as Suguri (1st Alte, 3rd Marc, 4th Aru-S)

    Miusaki A (me), Kae, Miusaki B, Marc
    Frost Cave - Freeze, Backtrack, Sprint
    4th place as Miusaki A (1st Marc, 2nd Kae, 3rd Miusaki B)

    Syura, Fernet (me), Mixpo, Marc
    Space Wanderer - Regeneration, Battlefield, Freeze
    2nd place as Fernet (1st Mixpo, 3rd Syura, 4th Fernet)
  • Marc, Syura, Repa, Starbo
    Clover - Miracle, Backtrack
    3rd place as Marc (1st Repa, 2nd Starbo, 4th Syura)

    Poppo (me), Chicken, Miusaki, Kyousuke
    Christmas Miracle - Miracle
    1st place as Poppo (2nd Kyousuke, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Chicken)

    Chicken A, Chicken B (me), Peat, Chicken C
    Planet Earth - Regeneration
    2nd place as Chicken B (1st Chicken C, 3rd Chicken A, 4th Peat)

    Starbo, Marc (me), Tomato+Mimyuu, Kiriko
    Christmas Miracle - Battlefield, Treasure, Amplify
    1st place as Marc (2nd Kiriko, 3rd Starbo, 4th Tomato+Mimyuu)

    finally, some wins to break that losing streak
  • surprisingly good luck tonight!

    Sora, Yuki (me), Yuki-D, Alte
    Treasure Island - Regeneration, Minelayer, Treasure
    1st place as Yuki (2nd Yuki-D, 3rd Alte, 4th Sora)

    Sora-M, QPD, Aru-S, QP (player for most of game, then CPU at end)
    Practice Field - Regeneration, Charity, Confusion
    1st place as QPD (2nd Sora-M, 3rd Aru-S, 4th QP)

    Tomomo, Aru, Tomomo-C/SE, Sora
    Warfare - Sprint, Treasure
    1st place as Tomomo (2nd Tomomo-C/SE, 3rd Sora, 4th Aru)
  • Alte (CPU), Yuki, Fernet (me), Kai
    Pudding Chase - Minelayer
    2nd place as Fernet (1st Yuki, 3rd Alte, 4th Kai)

    Sora, NoName, Tomato+Mimyuu, QPD (me)
    Lagoon Flight - Charity
    1st place as QPD (2nd Tomato+Mimyuu, 3rd NoName, 4th Sora)
  • Tomomo, QP A (me), Tomomo-C/SE, QP B
    Pudding Chase - Air Raid, Mystery, Freeze
    4th place as QP A (1st Tomomo, 2nd QP, 3rd Tomomo-C/SE)

    QP, Miusaki, Aru-S, Store Manager (me)
    Icy Hideout - Charity, Home Roulette, Freeze
    3rd place as Store Manager (1st Miusaki, 2nd Aru-S, 4th QP)
  • Before the following four matches, I joined one very brief match, as CPU, and lost it (4th place I think) as it ended very soon after that.

    Aru (CPU), Sora (me), Sora-M, Poppo (CPU)
    White Winter - Regeneration, Random Warp, Mystery
    3rd place as Sora  (1st Poppo (CPU), 2nd Sora-M, 4th Aru)

    Yuki (CPU), Saki (CPU, then player), Nanako (me), Kiriko
    White Winter - Charity, Freeze, Treasure
    1st place as Nanako (2nd Yuki, 3rd Kiriko, 4th Saki)

    Sweebo (me), Marc, Yuki, Kiriko
    Space Wanderer - Random Warp, Backtrack, Freeze
    2nd place as Sweebo (1st Kiriko, 3rd Yuki, 4th Marc)

    Tomomo (me), Sora, NoName, Ceoreparque (CPU, then player)
    Frost Cave - Sprint, Home Roulette, Mystery
    1st place as Tomomo (2nd Sora, 3rd NoName, 4th Ceoreparque)
  • Sham A, Suguri (CPU, then player), Tomato+Mimyuu (me), Sham B
    Practice Field - (no events)
    4th place as Tomato+Mimyuu (1st Sham B, 2nd Suguri, 3rd Sham A)

    QPD, Nanako (me), Sham, QP
    Star Circuit - Miracle, Backtrack, Amplify
    3rd place as Nanako (1st QP, 2nd Sham, 4th QPD)

    QP A (me), QP B, QPD, Syura (CPU, then player)
    Clover - Random Warp, Sprint, Treasure
    1st place as QP A (2nd QP B, 3rd Syura, 4th QPD)
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