Bonny don't live at home

Bonny don't live at home


  • miss me with that ‘weapon accuracy’ shit. im shooting everything. im
    laying down cover fire. im shooting the walls. im shooting my teammates.
    im shooting myself. my accuracy is 100% yall just dont know what im
    aiming at

    broom broom
  • Hope will exist in a problematic relationship with reason
    Hexartes said:

    Bonny don't live at home

    you don't wanna call nobody else

    send it off in a letter to yourself
  • The strongest billiards ball!  ......who you callin' an idiot?!
    Does Bonny use IcyHot patches?
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    Jane said:

    broom broom

    i'm in me mum's car
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