Let's be real, this was a bad(ly-delivered) math pun

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i won't be tolerated here

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    (the original title of this thread was "Let's be real")

    I actually don't know how many of you are on mobile devices but I was on a desktop browser last night when I made this and now that it's morning I realized just how much this thread feeds a different and in this case unintended idea that is actually relevant to me based on stuff I've said in the past.

    This thread is actually a math pun that is a snowclone of a thread by the same name, and not intended to be anything else. And I thought the pun was a hilarious idea last night. I was even worried that putting "mathematics" in the tags made it too unfun by giving away the pun too quickly.

    But just now I realized that the "original" reading isn't just nonsense, and it's not readily obvious that that meaning is inapplicable because tags don't show up on mobile browsers.

  • Acid Mammoth!!!!
    this is the best thread.
  • Why don't tags show up on mobile, anyway?
  • Why don't tags show up on mobile, anyway?

    because Vanilla
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