sometimes i remember that post

unsourced, but it claimed that "an arrow to the knee" was at some point a slang term for getting married, and that's kind of a cute thought


  • kill living beings
    cupid just fucking sucks at aiming
  • several unorthodox choices
    yeah, definitely agreed

    buncha interesting but memorable posts that have been lost to the sands of time on the internet...

    my favorite one is a whole webcomic, called Starnik's Station

    one of the few webcomics that i actually read
    it's a mega man sprite comic that's not bob and george
    had such jokes as zombie man being asked why he eats brains, since he's a robot, and he responds "BECAUSE DEM BRAINS, DEY GUUD EATIN'"

    ...hey, it was funny to 17-year-old me

    also the line "and now you're back / from outer space" (from "I Will Survive") being applied to Samus and Ridley meeting again, that was worth it
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    several unorthodox choices
    also some folks at Metroid2002 were making a Houston's Big Adventure, a top-down Metroid-style game done in RPG Maker and starring Armstrong Houston, a minor character in the Metroid comics, but cast mainly from his bumbling idiot role in the fan-comic Maru Mari, and now stuck on a human-uninhabited planet

    the gameplay preview vids made me discover two really cool OC Remixes - MegaloKidMarch and Snow Cone Heaven
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