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I ramble about this quite a bit, and it's one of the few of my obsessions that other people here seem to enjoy talking about too, so I might as well give it its own thread.

Anyway, here are a couple relevant photos I took today:

Vacant Kroger/Cub Foods

This was originally Columbus Square Shopping Center's Cub Foods store. In 1997, SuperValu decided to pull out of the Columbus market and sold its four remaining Cub Foods stores in the area to grocery giant Kroger. This particular store operated as a Kroger until last year, when Kroger closed it after determining this location to be unprofitable, in part, because the former Cub store was much larger than other area Kroger stores.


I noticed this on an old cart at Ollie's Bargain Outlet, also at Columbus Square. It's the pre-2008 Wal-Mart logo...but in Arial. The other Wal-Mart logos on the cart seemed fine, it was just the handle that was weird.

(Also of note is that Ollie's Bargain Outlet didn't even attempt to cover or remove the Wal-Mart logos on these old carts.)



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    My wife is always very surprised to see huge stores like this abandoned. I'd imagine space is more of a commodity over the lake.
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    There's a shopping center around here with a huge empty space that's sat there for years.


    It was a Phar-Mor for like the first year or so that we moved here, and then it closed down cuz they went bankrupt. Space has just been completely empty ever since.

    The Marshall's is a Surplus Warehouse now because it moved to a newer shopping center. They sell discounted furniture there.
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    CA's post: Oddly, there's a small shopping plaza near my house that went through about the same thing. It used to be a Cub Foods (which I have vague memories of buying sprinkle-covered donuts from once a week, but that's beside the point). Then, they pulled out of that location and were eventually replaced by "Super Bombay Bazaar." Now I think even that has moved out, leaving the place mostly empty.
  • ok so since we started this thread I have worked at a few stores. I have even been in charge of stores on multiple occasions. I think that people who shop at stores should explode and die. thank you.
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    I agree with the above post
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