Movies I have never seen but I have always suspected are great, based on who hates them

Punch Drunk Love

Southland Tales

Jupiter Rising

All of the Wes Anderson movies I have not seen


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    For once, or maybe twice, I was in my prime.
    I "saw" Jupiter Rising on a flight once. I couldn't get the sound to work with my headphones, so I listened to my own music the whole time and just watched the visuals. I missed the title sequence, so I didn't even figure out what movie it was until it was over. But from watching without any dialogue to help, I got the impression that the protagonist (Jupiter?) spent the majority of the movie getting kidnapped or getting rescued, bouncing around like a pinball with little agency of her own. Or maybe that was making some kind of Statement. Also, it was kind of repeating itself over and over. Not in a "variations on a theme" way, but, like, Jupiter fights against the fish-lipped bad guy, then wins by kicking him in the crotch, then she tries to escape from his space station as it's falling apart... at which point she crosses paths with the fish-lipped bad guy again, and she beats him by kicking him in the crotch again.

    Anyway... I've actually never heard anything but good things about Punch Drunk Love.

    Wes Anderson: I liked The Life Aquatic and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. But The Royal Tennanbaums fell directly into that awkward in-between spot where the cast were too unpleasant for me to identify with anyone, but not unpleasant enough for me to enjoy their misery as black comedy.
  • My dreams exceed my real life
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    The entire collected works of Baz Luhrman
  • His The Great Gatsby movie was pretty alright, to my memory.
  • TreTre
    I will fuckin fight anyone who tries to tell me Moulin Rouge! is bad
  • My dreams exceed my real life

    Lindsay and Todd both hate it, and if that ain't a mark of quality I don't know what is
  • I always found it boring, but I'm not the sort of person who should share musical hot takes as something other than a grain of salt.
    I grew up watching Grease, so I always found Todd's ~opinions~ on it a little grating.
    Yeah, it's cheesy and weird (especially considering the very, very obvious Dawson casting), but still.
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    Neo Yokio(I have seen it, but even if I hadn't, I'd know)

    Death Note

  • extremely not so but maybe just a tad yes
    Punch-Drunk Love is wonderful
  • extremely not so but maybe just a tad yes
    and Mother! was decidedly not for me, although I do like other things I've seen from Darren Aronofsky
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