I think Colors by FLOW is the universal solvent of anime openings

Other strong candidates naturally include GO!! (also by FLOW), A Cruel Angel's Thesis, and Guren no Yumiya (which is still good regardless of the quality of the media it was attached to)


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    DAYS by FLOW is my favorite anime opening song of all time.

    It's musically very similar to COLORS, but it holds a special place in my heart because it's used for the first arc of Eureka Seven.
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    Agreed on all counts. Go!!!, while being in an anime I don't really care much for anymore, definitely has a special spot in my heart, what with being my favorite Naruto OP at the peak of my interest (before taking a nosedive). Really brings back a lot of happy memories. God Code Geass was a blast, way back when.

    Wait no, it's tied with "Seishun Kyosokyoku" for my favorite. The Sasuke Retrieval Arc hit a lot of the notes I really liked. Now I'm just thinking of Nick's endearing handle being "RockLeeSmile" and how I can totally get that. Amusingly simple, but good.
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    Haruka Kanata will always have a special place for similar reasons, as I liked it a little better than GO!! This goes double for Asterisk by Orange Range as it is actually a GREAT SONG
  • Oh I forgot Haruka Kanata exists. It's more of an honorable mention for me as far as anime OPs go, for obvious reasons.
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    "Sorairo Days" and "Rewrite" are my choices for 'blast of nostalgia', personallly
  • "Hare Hare Yukai"
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    Ahh, the undisputed beauty of Yoko Kanno's music.
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    fight. dream. horse. love.


    it goes without saying that this is the actual best, of course
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    Of course
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