Reach For The Stars Humble Jellyfish! : Let's Play Stellaris

I think you can tell by the title what this is, eh?

My general plan is pretty simple here, I'll be screenshotting as much of the action as I can (probably uploading using Imgur to host the pictures, gyazo does not handle bulk well). I have no particular goal in mind other than to see our game through to an end of some sort, we'll see if that changes as I go.


First of all, here are our campaign settings. Our galaxy is Huge in size and I've set the number of empires in general slightly lower than normal so our exploration phase lasts a bit longer.

These are the Uthonians (if someone who knows taxonomy classification would like to help me give them a latin name, I'm game), of the Uthoniun Stellarium. In game terms, they breed slowly, requiring more time for population growth, but are naturally intelligent and long-lived, living on average about 30 years longer than humans. The Stellarium proper is also a very religious nation, with a deep-seated fascination for all things alien that ties into their beliefs. They're also a custom race, so I can describe them in more detail.

Uthonians are in essence humanoid jellyfish, generally living in underwater cities, though with some advanced engineering, they can live in domed land cities as well. They stand taller than humans owing to their homeworld's low gravity, at about 7 feet tall when upright. Despite their appearance they do have a proper skeleton and bone structure, hence their ability to stand at all.

Uthonians can reproduce both sexually and asexually, though there is something of a stigma associated with the latter as it is seen as contrary to Uthonian religious belief. Speaking of, the Uthonians are almost entirely members of the planetary's central church, the Path of Infinity. Rather than focusing specifically on the worship of a deity (though the faith does have many, including a handful of major divine figures believed to see over certain aspects of life), the Path stresses the importance of the impermanence of all things, and the importance of creating connections between individuals, which believers hold should be cherished, as they are the most important things in the universe. This church is state law, and while non-believers are tolerated in the sense that they are not actively persecuted or made to convert, they are not allowed to hold any government positions, limiting their social mobility.

The Path--and The Uthon Stellarium--are headed by the High Prophet, a sort of monarch-priest. The High Prophets rule absolutely--their word is law--and each High Prophet selects his or her successor from the priesthood, declaring them while still alive (naturally there have been occasions where High Prophets die unexpectedly, in which case an emergency replacement is found through a rather complex process). The High Prophets are some of the few Uthonians permitted to reproduce asexually--traditionally only once, near the end of their life. This is thought to effectively reincarnate the Prophet, allowing them to begin a new life in exchange for their life of rule over their people, traditionally seen as an existence of servitude. The Prophets are also traditionally given elaborate tombs, the construction of which is treated as something of a planet-wide unity project.

We will go into all of this in more detail over time.


These are our first subjects of research. For the time being we've gone with two buildings (both of which enable more, easier research in the future) and the all-important Colony Ship tech which will allow us to extend our noodly appendages to new worlds. We could've gone with better weapons or defenses right off the bat (while it is deeply regrettable, we probably will have to defend ourselves against someone, eventually), but for the time being it's more pertinent to enable greater research in the future.



This is our homeworld, Uthon. Technically, it's a moon, a satellite of the green gas giant Hullpax, but as its the only life-supporting planet in our solar system (that of the star Uthon Ax)--we call it home regardless.

Finally, here's our place in the wider galaxy. There's a lot out there to explore, strange alien races with from we could learn much, and countless unknowable mysteries.

Let's get started, shall we?


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    Our High Prophettess has chosen an heir, a bright young theologian named Pan'dolf, of the Bloom Omaakixanaca.





    Then, two bits of perspective-altering news arrive within mere weeks of each other.

    First, the nearby planet of Kolkex, long thought to be utterly barren, once housed a civilization of some sort, and secondly, aliens have been sighted within our very solar system!

    The reaction of the populace can be best described as "religious".
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    This game looks cool
  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch

    Jellies are in a really weird spot, gameplay wise, like, they wanna play long games but lack the speed and defense to keep it up without support. I feel like there's some secret PvP Jelly tech that the community hasn't cracked yet because I've seen some very cool PvE Scyphozoa builds that usually run with clownfish and an Echinoderm of some description, usually starfish.

    Not to mention they are one of my favorite species when it comes to lore.

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