R.I.P. Lemmy

"but that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever"

now I am going to go mourn


  • having a rave up

    he's still dead
  • This hits... pretty close to home for me. 

    Aside from being partial to rock and metal, I've been going through my own health issues of late, with symptoms that resemble (but do not confirm) an aggressive cancer. While diagnostic evidence is currently pointing away from cancer (and I've seen some improvement in my symptoms without treatment), I know something of the pain and anxiety. 

    Some of Lemmy's comrades have been calling him a "warrior", and it's true. Throughout old age and a wide range of health issues, he did everything he could to continue delivering high-octane performances. He suffered much and complained little. He was clearly someone who knew how to live in the moment and make the the best of each day -- on his own terms. I don't feel sad for his loss. Lemmy lived too well and too powerfully for that.  
  • “I'm surprised. Those clothes… but, aren't you…?”
    That is a really positive way to look at it.
  • having a rave up
    I agree.
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