Korean Moonshine Experiment

Okay so my mom got this Makgeolli set in korea. She thought it was for pancakes because it was just a bottle full of rice flour with yeast and nuruk packets. She only found the korean instructions so.... obviously pancakes. 

Anyway I'm starting this experiment today. The mix is super thick and was difficult to stir (like pancake batter). I dunno what to do with this later but the instructions say to stir couple times a day for 5 days then we filter and stuff

So it'll be ready on sunday!
Anyone here know what Makgeolli is or how its SUPPOSED to taste? 


  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    monstrous moonshine
  • I looked up the stuff earlier and the alcohol content is supposed to plateau around 40%

    note vodka is usually 60%

    I probaly wont die 

  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    Incidentally, the pronunciation is roughly "mac-gull-lee," in case anyone is wondering.
  • Thanks for that! I know nothing of korean pronunciation hence why call it Korean Moonshine. 

    Also Day 2) The mixture is a lot thinner than yesterday. Stirring with a chopstick is a pain so I shook it up.
    The nuruk pieces are still floating about 

    Pancake possibilites: Maybe crepes? 

  • Day 3) The pressures inside the bottle were really high. I think the bottle was bluging slightly because the pressure from the produced CO2 were so great. I realize that using the chopstick to stir it was also probably a way to relieve pressure on the bottle so it doesn't blow up. I do not want a booze bomb and to waste these materials. (also the bottle is being stored near my painting area and I will not have that ruined) 

    Opened the bottle slightly and it was hissing like a carbonated drink. At least I KNOW its fermenting hahahaa. Also like a shook up soda it exploded a bit and there was bits on my hand. It dried up like crusty cookie dough really quickly. (Or watery pancake mix) Tasted the bits that landed on me and its like.... sweet rice? 

    The mixture also smells like its fermenting too. Not TOO unpleasant tho. I think that because its fermenting the rice flour its a lot milder than if I was brewing beer. Like.... milky vinegar? Slightly fermented shortbread cookie dough? Either way it doesn't have the bitter notes that brewing beer would have. Can't wait to drink this! 
  • Day 4) I forgot the release the gas pressure before work this morning....

    When I got home. It seems the mixutre separated a bit. The top of the liquid was beerlike in color. Also the bottle was SOLID from all the built up gas pressure. Trying to slowly leak it out causes it make foamy spurts. Gotta do this slowly.... 
  • about half hour of gentle agitation and gas leaks its back to normal pressure. (a lot of smacking the bottle to get the bubbles to NOT) 
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