Worldbuilding: Centralia's Largest Toy Store.

Because I thought it would be fun if we talked this one out together.

What should Centralia's biggest toy store be like? What should it be called? Is it in a fancy modern building or an old-fashioned city building? What kind of special toys should we have?

There are no wrong answers!

I'll start: There's an incredibly elaborate model railway that twists and turns around the store, with several little trains going at any given time.


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    they sell every video game console ever.
  • There should be rail - oh. Anyway there should also be a certain number of small, small magical trains that are hidden randomly throughout the store. They're not like "Collect Seven Get 50% Off Next Purchases" but just something special and fun, for the kids to the professional sleuths.

    I am also not sure what you mean by special toys? Like, Centralian-themed ones? Definitely dolls of the Princesses, and dollhouses representing what the Palace looked like at various points throughout their reign (e.g. Jeanette and a set of 3 and a set of 4, Alice 16, so on).

    Also, perhaps a blend of styles? One thing you could do is have the more absurd toys come from absurd looking sections, although that's somewhat something stores already do, just much more thorough.
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    A shifting Prince(ss) Anonus doll?
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    These are all good ideas.

    Basically by "special toys" I just mean anything out of the ordinary. Something you wouldn't expect to be able to pick up at your average toy store in real life.

    I'm trying to give everybody a fair amount of leeway to be creative because I want to see what people besides myself can come up with.
  • I have lived a full life, even though I remember little of it.
    they should sell imicow plushies
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    All of the Tiny and Big merch a nerd could possibly want.

    All of it!
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    There should be a life sized dollhouse/palace type thing filled with giant gaudy pink plastic furniture. During Halloween time it can transform into a spooky-cute haunted mansion and during holiday season it can turn into a ~winter wonderland~
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    Toys and baubles from strange and mysterious lands, like troupes of small, soft dancing creatures from obscure myths, and levitating bubble-like spheres that can be rearranged to perform seemingly innumerable melodies with resonant hums.
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